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PLC Based on Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine (KEY IJP************822)

  • M. Vignesh Kumar,R. Buvaneswari,S. Mahesh,J. Preetu Mamta


An alternate use for fly ash is the manufacture of ash bricks. The Pan Mixer and mouldings machine are critical components of the Fly Ash Bricks factory. The Brick Moulding Mechanism was the primary focus of this research. There are other ways for moulding bricks, but we only employed the hydraulic compression method since it is more efficient and dependable. This study is primarily concerned with reducing avoidable economic losses, providing safety for plant workers, and increasing the efficiency of the bricks sector. We created this approach using a Programming Logic Controller (PLC). A fly ash brick machine is used to make the bricks in a highly compressed condition. The entire time required to make bricks in a single cycle is the most critical challenge in industries. The machine's design and programmer are totally updated in this effort to make bricks in a cycle in a shorter length of time. The PLC was used for this, and it was set to run for a limited period of time.

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