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Improving the Strength of Cube Using Mosaic Tiles as Coarse Aggregate (KEY IJP************593)

  • Akshay Pawar,Akshay Landge ,Kanhaiya Chouhan


Since last few years, construction has taken boom and due to this the concrete jungles had replaced the greeneries. This process continues due to increase in population also housing is the basic need of humans. But for these housing and other major constructions large amount of concrete is required and so as the requirement of coarse as well as fine aggregate arises. This leads to depletion of natural resources as quarrying sand and aggregates have adverse effect on environment. Also due to modernization people are using cladding material highly for lavish decoration of houses. Which includes excessive use of tiles, marbles and granites in new houses? Due to these reasons the reuse of constructional wastes like mosaic tiles, granite powder, marble chips came into the picture to reduce the solid waste and to reduce the scarcity of natural aggregates for making concrete. The ceramic tile waste is not only occurring from the demolition of structures but also from the manufacturing unit. Studies show that about 20-25% of material prepared in the various tile manufacturing plants are transforming into waste. This waste material should have to be reused in order to deal with the limited resource of natural aggregate and to reduce the construction wastes. This article is about finding the optimum percentage of replacement of course as well as fine aggregate and to perform various tests regarding strength of concrete. Availability of raw material is very less due to higher use of concrete. Normal practice of concrete is batching of all raw materials, mixing (all raw materials), transporting, compaction at site, finishing and curing is followed by industry. In developed country like India use of concrete is higher quantity and availability of raw material is very less. Total replacement of concrete is not possible due to no material plays the role of concrete in terms of strength, durability, and workability. We have to partial replace all the material to achieve desire properties of concrete in terms of workability, strength and durability. This paper includes survey of different waste material used in the concrete from this survey we can understand the effect of different waste materials on the properties of concrete. Use of hazardous waste in concrete will lead to green environment. The objective of this investigation is to Ceramic waste have a potential to be utilized as a partial replacement of construction materials. Ceramic materials have been used for a long time for multiple uses like making goods such as tableware (crockery, cutlery etc.), sanitary ware and high voltage electric insulators. Ceramics are normally used as a building material too. Ceramic floor, tiles and various clay building brick are example of it. This paper presented a review of the use of ceramic materials in construction industry as partial replacement of conventional materials and cement focus on concrete making.

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