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To examine the stripping and stability characteristics of aggregates of Haryana (KEY IJP************348)

  • Ashwini Sharma,Pardeep,Vikas Adhana


Stripping is one of the main causes due to which distress in bituminous layers occur. Moisture presence results in weakening or eventual loss of adhesive bond of bitumen from aggregate. Now a days, the roads are lacking in respect of proper drainage facilities. which is one of the main reasons for road damage due to stripping. Stripping can cause complete or partial failure of the pavement. Inadequacy in quality of aggregates and adhesion property of bitumen affects the quality of life of road, and if stripping is prevented, it will lead to reduction in quantity of resources and increase in pavement design life which in turn will lead to sustainable development. A brief overview of the stripping phenomenon of bituminous mixtures and research in the field over the past years has been presented in this study. The main objective of the paper is to study on stripping and stability characteristics of aggregates of Haryana due to the variation in various environmental factors.The aggregates which are used in the study are taken from two places i.e. Tosham and Yamuna Nagar and then stripping value using these aggregates are studied. The field factors which are used to simulate the field conditions are temperature, contact period of water with bitumen and traffic effect.This work presents the lab test results which show the stripping value increases with increase in contact period, temperature and applied pressure on the aggregate at the time of test. After applying the pressure on aggregate with increase in temperature of water bath up to 60C and contact period of water with bitumen for 5 days it has been observed that stripping value is increased with increase in immersion time. This study also shows that aggregates from Tosham shows more stripping value as compared to aggregates from Yamuna Nagar.The indirect tensile strength test results conducted on bituminous concrete samples indicated that tensile strength ratio increased with the use of modified bitumen that is CRMB-55 in place of VG-30.

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS31204
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