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Bank Locker Protection with Liveness Detection Using Machine Learning (KEY IJP************353)

  • Monika Vishwakarma,Rutuja Gite,Bhavana Katyare,Pooja Kokane,Prof. R.p. Sabale


The security plays a vital role in the banking sector, it uses different security method such as biometric and Documentation, etc. These are done physically in the presence of the customer, but now Everything is getting evolved into digitalization. Face recognition is an effective, digital and successful security technique, It alone cannot determine whether the person is real or fake, A liveness detection is added to make it more secure. The bank locker security is based on liveliness detection. In liveness detection, the system detects, it interacts with a real person or it can be spoof artefact used by other person such as a face photo. Therefore, To detect whether the person is live or not, it uses eye blink(iris) detection and motion. The system identifies whether the user is authentic or not. If not then, the locker will not open instead it will send a text SMS to the admin and customer that somebody is trying to open respective locker. If the person is not available and others from their family members wants to access the locker then Customer have their Nominee in the system, they can access the locker. These enhanced security features are enough to make consumers feel safer and more confident to keep their precious things in locker.Keywords: liveness(iris) detection, Nominee.

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