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  • Sreerag M,Mohammed Nishad S,Russel Gabriel Thomas


Currently the traffic control system in our country is non-flexible to the ever growing number of vehicles on the road. Traffic light is the basic element in traffic flow control through specified waiting and going time, fixed traffic light time systems are a bad control way. Intelligent traffic systems include smart ways to control traffic light time based on the number of vehicles in each lane. Improving traffic signal control systems will increase safety, reliability, and traffic flow speed and reduce average travelling and waiting time for passengers. The objective is to design an efficient automatic Traffic Time Saver system. The system is implemented on the traffic control. This proposed application system first captures the vehicle image. Vehicle image is extracted using the image segmentation finally converting the images from RGB to grayscale. Next, the segmentation is applied on the prepared image and then for each segment the neural networks will predict a vehicle or not. A counter will count the positive segments. Finally, the suitable periods for each light color will display in GUI

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS31168
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