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The effect of grading on the hydraulic properties of the GSB mixture (KEY IJP************244)

  • Rahul Singh,Pardeep ,Shubham


The main purpose of providing granular subgrades (GSB) in road pavements is to serve stability and drainage function. In India, pavement design guidelines recommend design thickness of GSB based on subgrade strength and design traffic conditions. By studying the permeability of the GSB mixture, it is necessary to understand the significance of the drainage capacity of the GSB mixture in pavement design. The main objective of this study is to compare the permeability properties of GSB mixture prepared with different grain sizes based on the Talbot method in order to assess their ability to drain water based on permeability criteria. The permeability test is carried out in the laboratory to obtain the hydraulic characteristics of the GSB mixture. Laboratory studies were performed according to Talbot guidelines. Conclusion from the laboratory studies that the gradation specification needs to be appropriately changed to use locally available materials in the specified range of 90.00 mm to 200 m with permeability criteria along with strength parameter CBR value.

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS31193
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