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  • Rajalakshmi R,Reena J,Sivanesan M


Drivers drowsiness is a very cautious thing and has already led to a lot of mishaps. Some researchers even provide a data that nearly 1200 deaths and 76000 major injuries are caused due to the fatigue driver was facing which eventually led to a crash. With the help of modern-day technology and real time scanning systems using cameras we can prevent major mishaps on the road by alerting car driver who is feeling drowsy through a drowsiness detection system. Detection of drowsiness depends on the eye movements and time elapsed between blinks to help generate a score on which a driver is assessed if he is drowsy or not. To prevent these accidents, we have developed a system using python, open Cv and keras which works on the live feed of the driver through a webcam which is then processed to generate a score based on the time between eyes closing and opening and when eyes are closed for a long time the score starts increasing and when it reaches a certain mark the alarm starts beeping alerting the driver and waking him up.

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