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Gender Fluidity- A Study on The Impact on Fashion Industry (KEY IJP************848)

  • Dr. Ranjith Somasundaran Chakkambath,Prof Liya Rajesh,Amiya Naushad


Fashion industry has always been very dynamic with its trends and designs. People of different age groups find interest in this sector especially the youth. Non-binary or gender adaptable fashion is nothing new. Through the ages, cultures, and eras across time and space have experimented with gender expression through clothing, reflecting their own ideas about gender. This research paper investigates the Gender Fluidity in this industry and the factors that lead to its impact on the target population. The sample size was 270 and data collected through structured questionnaire. The target population was from Kerala and Bangalore. Statistical test was done using IBM SPSS. Chi-square test was done to test the association between gender and preference for gender fluid luxury brands. Exploratory factor analysis was used to arrive at two factors.

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