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New step of technology in medical feild robotic surgery (KEY IJP************450)

  • Aditya Nitin Ghodke


Surgical robotics is a recent technology that holds a remarkable promise. Robotic surgery is often presented as a new revolution, and it is one of the most talked about topic of discussion in surgery today.There is no doubt that they will become an important instrument in the surgical field as the extent of their use is still evolving.This paper provides a brief introduction to the robotic surgeries and its surgical system, advantages and disadvantages in the surgical system, impact of covid 19 on robotic surgeries leading to increase in value of robotic surgeries, da vinci single port robotic surgery in gynaecological tumour. The surgical systems included in the list of systems are the Da Vinci, Raven, Mirosurge, Sehance, Flex Robotic, Versius and Sport. It gives the current development in the surgical system. It also shows the accuracy of the respective surgical system and results of the most used surgical system

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