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  • Salifu Simeon Imaben,Jagboro Victoria Olusola,Alaiyemola Oluwafemi Dave3,Mohammed Yakub Adinoyi


ABSTRACTInstitutions and people have an increasing need to employ FM transmitters, which use frequency modulation. However, FM transmitters are sophisticated pieces of machinery that necessitate a high-power supply, a high voltage system design, vital maintenance, and a hefty price tag. Institutions and people that may want to use radio transmission as a form of electronic media face significant obstacles as a result of these transmitter issues. Thus, the goal of this study was to develop and build an FM transmitter that would be affordable, easy to maintain, effective to use, and require little power. The FM transmitter is intended to be picked up in open space at a distance of around 100 meters. The transmitter has a transistor, resistors, inductor, capacitors, and a capacitor microphone that can pick up very faint sound signals. A transmitter output must be changed as part of the design process. One of the specific conclusions based on the methodologies used and the tests conducted is that a transmission range of 102.2MHz from a 9V DC battery is one of the specific conclusions based on the tests conducted. The research demonstrated the feasibility of designing and building a low-power frequency-modulated (FM) transmitter. Key words: Frequency modulation, FM transmitter, radio broadcast, and antenna.

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS30484
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