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Heart Disease Predication (KEY IJP************916)

  • Jay Lokhande,Chaitanya Mungase ,Aditya Lokhande ,Prajwal Dhamdhere ,Ankita Dawkhar


Heart plays significant role in living organisms. Diagnosis and prediction of heart related diseases requires more precision, perfection and correctness because a little mistake can cause fatigue problem or death of the person, there are numerous death cases related to heart and their counting is increasing exponentially day by day. To deal with the problem there is essential need of prediction system for awareness about diseases. Machine learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence(AI), it pro- vides prestigious support in predicting any kind of event which take training from natural events. In this system , we calculate accuracy of machine learning algorithms for predicting heart disease, for this algorithms are k-nearest neighbor, decision tree, linear regression and support vector machine(SVM). We also calculate the desired prescription after detecting heart disease. For implementation, Python programming with OpenCV is best tool, which have many type of library, header file, that make the work more accurate and precise.

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