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Chetan Bhagat and Cinematic Adaptation (KEY IJP************070)

  • Poonam Gupta


Chetan Bhagat is one of the few new age writers of India. His books have been a huge influence on todays youth. For the people who are too lazy to grab a book and read for hours together these books have been adapted into movies. This trend is being followed for ages in Hollywood, in recent times, the adoption of books into movies has rapidly increased. Of his nine novels, five have been converted into movies. He has also written a screenplay for one of Salman Khans biggest hits, Kick. When Chetan Bhagat is not working on his novels, he moonlights as a screenwriter, columnist or motivational speaker. He has also thrown his hat in the Bollywood ring, having plotted his way to success through his screenplays and stories. Bollywood, as the Hindi film industry is popularly known is the largest contributor to the Film industry and language. Cinema industries such as Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi and Gujarati. Although, this industry is the largest in the world. In terms of the number of films it produces. Its not only Bollywood, even most of the successful Hollywood films are based on literary works. But film makers satisfy the hunger of a large heterogeneous audience with the element of entertainment. The idea of screen adaptations is dates back years ago when people had limited options for entertainment and recreational activities. The study is based on movies made in Bollywood which have been inspired by the writings of novelists. This is a qualitative research in which Chetan Bhagats novel Five Point Someone, 2 States: The story of My Marriage, 3 Mistakes of my life, Half girlfriend and Revolution 2020 have been taken up by Bollywood film makers to make movies 3 Idiots,2 States, Kai Po Che, Half Girlfriend and Revolution 2020 respectively. Chetan Bhagat, pioneers the way towards new era where he has been picked up by the Bollywood maker consistently. Whatever might be the reason, he is capable enough to shatters the all critics opinion on the ground of his success.Keywords : Screenwriter, heterogeneous audience, entertainment, recreational activities, qualitative research etc.

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