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A Suitable Boy Mirrors Political, Individual Quandaries on Screen. (KEY IJP************114)

  • Mehak Sharma


A social Milieu Refers to the immediate social, physical and environmental setting off a society where people live and something develops or happens. It includes the cultural dogmas and individual inherits and the people they interact with and their surroundings. Social realism is a replication of social reality as it is. Social realist films represent true to life characters and the environment. A suitable boy is soaked with the dogmas of family and connects perfectly with the conservative and realist portrait adriotically. Mira Nair has gone a long way showcasing the society of the time by adopting Vikram Seths novel A Suitable Boy to a mini series of six episodes. Mira Nairs adaptation of the novel A Suitable Boy, set in the 1950s, in every way assumes the form of a social realist film as it depicts the major conflicts of post-independence and post-partition India on screen. With the cultural tradition of making arranged marriages of higher class Indian children, she manages to insert the Hindu and Muslim friction in reference to political intrigues at the time. The constant involvement of the members of the four families keeps the political involvement from Being Dry historical facts. Lata and Maan serve as the main protagonists to the social situations in the series. This essay discusses a suitable boy as an adaptation of social milieus as it shows a clear mirror to the society of post-Independent India in various shades right from family values and the rituals of marriage, to the impact of courtesans On the family structures, the necessity of religious harmony to the politics of the Time, the first election and the trauma of partition, the tension between Hindu and Muslim.

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS30713
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