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  • Geetanjali Rokade,Laxmi Kale,Sphurti Deshamukha


With the increase in population and rising consumption the need for implementation of proper waste collection facilities rises. This need can especially be seen in the water bodies where disposal of waste is at high levels and poses a threat to the environment and the living organisms in water. The motive of this paper is to study the various currently employed technologies related to ocean surface waste collection and propose a new methodology for the sunken waste. Following steps were taken to write this paper: 1) Analyzed the current situation, 2) Identified the main approaches and technologies related to the cleaning and collection in various water bodies, 3) Listed the various electronic equipment, 4) Identified the research gaps. Based on all the research that we went through now we are proposing a new methodology which is filling the voids in the existing technologies.Keywords: Waste Collection, Ocean surface waste, sunken waste.

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