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An Innovative Life Cycle Assessment Technique for an RC Building's Ecological and Social Sustainability in assessment of Seismic Risk (KEY IJP************396)

  • Jitendra Gupta,Dr. Jyoti Yadav


The design and evaluation of civil infrastructures should follow a sustainable engineering decision-making method that considers the environment, economics, and society. This research offers a fresh method for evaluating the ecological and social viability of a case study structure that experienced seismic activity over its useful life. The time-dependent likelihood of breaching a limit state is evaluated using an approach that takes the representational uncertainty of seismic activity into account. The losses to the environment and society brought on by the earthquake are connected to the earthquake-induced damages. A case study building's life cycle assessment (LCA), which takes time-dependent seismic reliability into account, is done. Because to the seismically caused damages, the LCA findings showed high risk-based contributions during the rehabilitation phase. In the context of social sustainability, the time-dependent likelihood of collapse within a year might serve as a benchmark indication for human safety.

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