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Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover Changes: A Geographical Study of Neem Ka Thana Tehsil, Rajasthan (KEY IJP************538)

  • Seeta Meena,Deepika Vashishtha


Human activities are changing the terrestrial environment at an unprecedented rate, magnitude and spatial scale. Rapid urbanization is also a result of such anthropogenic activities, although the rapid and unplanned urbanization of the world is posing many challenges to the immediate and surrounding environment. This process is accompanied by rapid conversion of agricultural land, water bodies and vegetation to a built upimpervious surface. Furthermore, the rapid change of land useland cover due to urban development affects biodiversity and ecosystems as well as local and regional climate. Hence most of the urban centres are facing significant changes in land useland cover (LULC). Urbanization and industrialization can lead to land use and land cover dynamics, so this study is important to understand and analyse changes in environmental components and also to ensure sustainability. In the presented research paper, the changes in land use and land cover have been studied in Neem Ka Thana Tehsil. Mainly secondary sources of data have been used for this purpose. The findings of this study revealed that there has been a significant increase in the percentage of the mining, built-up and agricultural areas.Key words: Land use, Land cover, Urbanization, Industrialization and Dynamics.

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