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The Use of Primavera in Construction Project Management (KEY IJP************047)

  • Jubin C Antony


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the use of Primavera, a project management software, in the context of a large-scale construction project. The study examines the benefits and challenges of using Primavera, as well as its impact on project performance and outcomes. A case study approach was used, with data collected through interviews, surveys, and project documentation. The results indicate that Primavera can be a valuable tool for project management, particularly for large and complex projects. The software allows for better planning, tracking, and control of project activities, as well as improved communication and collaboration among team members. However, the study also identifies several challenges associated with the use of Primavera, including the complexity of the software, the need for specialized training, and the potential for data errors and inaccuracies. Overall, the study suggests that the benefits of using Primavera outweigh the challenges, and that the software can significantly improve project outcomes.

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